Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing

Paediatric and neonatal nursing is a very essential nursing specialty. Patients are cared for by paediatric nurses from birth to adolescence. They are particularly concerned about the development of their children. Paediatric Nurse Practitioners examine children, assess disease and injury, and provide education and support to their families. They frequently collaborate with paediatricians and other healthcare professionals in paediatric intensive care units. Because of the age and care that these young children require, paediatric nursing is substantially more demanding than other types of nursing. These nurses use their patience and warm personality to make their little patients feel a little less scared. Pediatric nurses may also be called upon to assist severely unwell patients.

Track 1 Paediatricians
Track 2 Neonatal emergency nursing
Track 3 Palliative neonatal nursing
Track 4 Neonatal nurse practitioners
Track 5 Paediatric telemedicine



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