Anesthesia nursing

Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist or CRNAs are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who administer anaesthesia and other medications. They also keep track of people who are undergoing anaesthetic and then recuperating from it. Nurses provide intense care to patients in the early stages of coming up from anaesthesia as well as in the postoperative period until they are judged stable enough to be safely moved to other locations. CRNAs have total autonomy in several states. In other team models, they collaborate with anaesthesiologists, surgeons, dentists, and other doctors to provide anaesthesia to patients as well as healthcare. CRNAs work in hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care units, and outpatient surgical clinics. Depending on the work context and state where they are working, nurse anaesthetist wages are among the highest in the field.

Track 1 Post anaesthesia care nursing
Track 2 Management of pain nursing
Track 3 Preoperative evaluation
Track 4 Ambulatory care nursing

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